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Feed a Guinea - Logo
Feed a Guinea Scheme
As a contribution to the Welfare effort, The Piggy Hub have developed and introduced the "Feed a Guinea Scheme" to help rescue/shelter piggies across the globe. If you shop & buy services online, you can help a Guinea Pig rescue today by simply clicking through the links below before you buy/pay for the products accordingly. For example if you, a family member or friend are going to shop online at Petco, simply click the Petco image below BEFORE you shop & purchase any goods. Everytime you click through the image/link before you shop, the retailer (in this case Petco) will credit The Piggy Hub with a small amount of money for forwarding you to them, at no cost to you at all.

At the end of each month we'll donate the amount creditied to us within the month to a Guinea Pig Rescue/Shelter (at random and worldwide). They can use the donation to buy supplies such as bedding, food and toys for their rescued piggies as well as covering any vets fee's.

By working together, over time we can make 1000's of piggies' lives better.
How It Works
Feed a Guinea Pig - How it works Flow Chart
1. Click a Shop Link
Simply search and click through the links below acccordingly before you buy/pay for the products at any of the retailers below.
2. We receive credit from retailers.
When you pay for the goods, the retailer will credit us with a small payment for referring you to them, at no cost to you at all.
3. Money is donated to shelter/rescue.
At the end of each month, we announce and donate the amount credited to us for that month to a rescue.
Available Retailers
Ajmadison.com Affiliate Link
Cellphoneshop.net Affiliate Link
Ebags.com Affiliate Link
Petcarechoice.com Affiliate Link
Overstock.com Affiliate Link
Sprint.com Affiliate Link
Petco.com Affiliate Link
Amazon U.S. Affiliate Link
Shopperschoice.com Affiliate Link
Collectionsetc.com Affiliate Link
Organicbouquetcom.com Affiliate Link
Christiesdirect.com Affiliate Link
Cafepress.com Affiliate Link
Petfooddirect.com Affiliate Link
Kmart.com Affiliate Link
Petstreetmall.com Affiliate Link
Dogbreedstore.com Affiliate Link
Calenders.com Affiliate Link
Jewelry.com Affiliate Link
onlinefabricstore.net Affiliate Link
Suggest a Retailer
If you don't see a store(s) that you use on a regular basis in the list above, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions. We are constantly going to be adding new stores overtime, please do check back to see the campaign progress reports and store updates.