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1 year ago

Please help! I need advice on adopting a 3rd guinea pig

I currently have two 8 month old females who get along great with each other. I recently was asked to take in another female as the owner is moving and can no longer care for her. She is a sweetheart and I can’t bear the thought of her ending up in a shelter and I am going to take her in. I think she will love having piggy friends, as she has lived alone all of her life. The only issue I am having right now is how I should introduce them, and feeling like my cage is too small.
I recently purchased a 10.5 square feet c&c cage which is only the minimum size for 3 guinea pigs. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to make it any bigger right now but would love to in the future. Would you guys recommend adding a loft to it??
I give my piggies at least 60-90 minutes of floor time every day (most of the time around 2 hours) and am hoping that will make up for the size of the cage being a little too small.
My girls never fight with each other, and I know that I should introduce them all on neutral territory. Is there anything else I should keep in mind when introducing them??

Any advice on cages, introductions, and floor time will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks all
I think that would be great if you put a loft in there. Do introduce them in a neutral territory and keep a blanket or something on hand if they did get into a fight make sure they have food in that territory that’s all I can think of at the moment, besides take it slow.
Yes a loft I think will be wonderful. Remember even though your two piggies don’t normally fight adding a piggy can change the whole dynamic. Hopefully it will go great :) and yes make sure everything is done in a neutral territory with everything washed and newer treats or veggies. Good luck :)