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1 year ago

New Pig owner here


I could use some advice. A co-worker gave me a Guinea Pig from her sons class-apparently the teacher had no intention of pig sitting over the summer holiday and neither did the parents of the students. I’m a newbie and I’m pretty certain the GP thinks I’m a major threat. It hides back in it’s little cave and if I come in while it’s out it lets out shrieks, runs madly around and will dash back into the cave. My co-worker insists that Maisy-the pig-wants me to hold it. In my uneducated opinion, anything that screams and flees is doing anything BUT requesting that I chase it down and manhandle it into my lap. As a result my pig interactions have consisted of my talking to it a few minutes a day while I feed her.

Should I be picking her up like my co-worker says?


Hi and welcome. Guinea Pigs are great and rewarding pets. The forum hasn’t been very active lately, so I recommended signing up for a more active forum as well. Like http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/ They are super active and know what they are talking about, and will surely answer the many questions you’ll have =)

We’re really nice here, but there’s not many active members at the moment.

It’s great that you are talking to the guinea pig, that’s a great step for bonding, gets them used to your voice etc. Some pigs like getting picked up more than others. But at the beginning pigs are always slightly fearful. I personally recommended holding your new piggie daily, to get used to you, but sometimes it might just be for little bit, it will take time, sitting by the cage, just chatting with them and getting them used to you being there, and showing that you are not a threat is wonderful.

I have linked some great videos about how to bond with your piggie etc. here.




(she has skinny pigs - they look slightly different because they are hairless, but they are guinea pigs, and very sweet)

Another thing to consider if they are squeaking and really not liking being touched is they may have a skin problem or an illness. I would recommenced taking them to the vet to get the piggie all checked out just in case. Most guinea pigs that were classroom pets are often from pet stores, and pet store pigs often come with illnesses. With proper vet treatment, it’s can be a simple fix, just get them checked out. Guinea Pigs are considered exotic- so they will need an exotic vet that has experience with guinea pigs - here’s a list of some guinea pig vets. http://www.guinealynx.info/vetlist.html

Don’t want to overwhelm you, but just giving you some info to go through from the best sites.

Link for basic guinea pig care - http://www.guinealynx.info/healthycavy.html

The proper cage - https://www.guineapigcages.com/

Why normal pet stores cages are not big enough - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yolua5sF-jI

Guinea Pigs thrive with a buddy, but read through all the above info first - if you decide to get your pig a friend - (highly reccomended)


Good for you for giving an unwanted piggy a loving home. This website has very useful information, but I agree that it has been less active lately. New piggies need time to get used to their surroundings but with patience and determination, your piggy can be tamed. Piggies also are herd animals and thrive when they have a friend so I would definitely consider it :)

Oxbow has great food/products
C&C cages are great and can be made at home or bought online
Fleece bedding is cheap and piggies love it (I buy $2.00 blankets from Wal Mart)
Hideys/Chews are a necessity
Veggies high in vitamin C everyday along with a vitamin C supplement.

This website has awesome guides that talk about each of the categories listed above and I highly recommend looking at them.

BEST of luck to you and your new piggy :)
Also, definitely take your piggy to the vet. It is a necessity and when a pig is unhealthy things can go downhill very quickly. I understand that vet visits can be pricey, however, guinea pigs deserve the best care and I am sure you would agree :) They are great pets and I am sure you will love this journey. Piggies are funny creatures and all have their own personalities. Once again, good luck to you!