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A collection of Guides has already been written and published by The Piggy Hub community, covering a large number of topics and categories, from Guinea Pig Care, Health & Nutrition to Cages, Hutches, Products and Adoption. We continue to work with many content publishers to bring the best information to our visitors and members. Feel free to browse the Guides here.
This is the place to connect, query & share thoughts with other members of the community. If you are seeking help and/or are concerned with the health of your Guinea Pigs, why not ask other members for advice on The Piggy Hub Forum. There's a wealth of knowledge amongst our kind members and we are always happy to help. If you are an experienced and knowledgable Guinea Pig owner and want to assist others for the greater good, you are most welcome to voice your thoughts, opinions and advice here. Feel free to browse the Forum here and start sharing the delights of Guinea Pig ownership!
Social Network
The Piggy Hub have built a Social Network that contains all of the features that you would expect in order to socialise & network... and more! You can add friends, edit & add piggies to your profile, upload pictures, "Like" posts & resources throughout the site, submit status updates, keep up to date with your friends via the activity feed, comment on user profiles and instant message your friends. New features are constantly being added, so why not Join in with the fun and create your profile today!
Easy-to-use tools are available in the "Members Dashboard" area. These tools were built to make the lives of you and your Guinea Pigs much easier and they are completely free to everyone! The widely used Guinea Pig Weight Tracker is a simple, practical and efficient tool that allows you to insert the weights of your Guinea Pigs on weigh-in days. The weights are then plotted as a chart which simplifies the process of both keeping track and keeping an eye on weights and weight fluctuations.
When we were in the planning stages of The Piggy Hub Website, one of our goals was to create a "fun" place in which people could be a part of. To compliment this, we introduced a range of awards (and from time to time add new awards) that we give to members for winning competitions such as "Pig of the Wheeek" and "Member of the Month". Profile Badges are up for grabs for every member, to show off your achievements!
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